Micro HDMI-HDMI for GH4

Discussion in 'Camera Mount Misc' started by Nick Adams, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Yeah. The Kopterworx converters seem to work well and they're self-powered -- well, they suck power from the HDMI connector, so that's one less piece of wire to worry about.

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    Has anyone had any luck with the AerialPixels Converter for the GH4? ( https://aerialpixels.com/shop/hdmi-...-gh4-hdmi-av-converter-micro-hdmi-thin-cable/ )

    I am running the converter into a TS832 Video Tx ( http://www.foxtechfpv.com/ts832-58g-600mw-32ch-vtx-p-1132.html ) and then out to my diversity monitor though a Mad Mushroom antenna.

    I've tested, and a straight HDMI connection from the GH4 to the monitor works fine. It's only when I connect the GH4 to the Aerialpixels converter, and then to the VTX, that I have problems. It IS worth noting that right after I did this test, I DID get a live picture on the monitor through the converter and VTX. However, that picture was bad. It was mostly green and looked a bit like a False Color image. I turned everything off and back on again, and am now back to the static image below.

    I've just updated the GH4 firmware to version 2.1., but it's the same issue.

    Is there some setting on the GH4 that I'm missing? I currently have HDMI Out set to 1080p, System Frequency set to to 59.98, Recording format to 4K MOV.

    The STATIC image I'm getting looks like this:


    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me Crazy

    Thank you.

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