Max payload of Cinestar 8

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    Thanks Jason. The freefly cinestar plates are a little small for the QC10,000 batteries for my liking so I use the famous hobby plates.
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    THis is always easy to do the math.
    If you are running the tiger 4012 motors with 15 inch tiger then you have about 1000g or 2.2 pounds
    If you have 16 inch then slightly more. THis is for flat okto. If you run coaxial then take away 12% easy off the total trust.

    SO your total trust on 50% is about 17.6 pounds. YOu can go up to 60% hoover and you get around 20-22 pounds.
    THis is around 8 amps per motor on 6S. On 4S way more.

    Now you need to weight the total off the copter with gimbal and batteries and you know how much extra stuff can you put on it.

    So now RED is 5.5 + 4.4 average ultra prime. + battery for red or one 4s 4000mah for supply another 1 pound.

    THis is now around 11 pounds payload without all the fancy, red power cable, shutter control, hdmi converter , links.
    Well focus pullers and HD link are overkill instantly. Also temperatures are a killer. So voltage drops amps go up. Also it is important that it is not the same flying in 70 or 100 farenhight.

    For that you need to have something bigger and more powerfull like we have.
    We have average around 35 pounds trust on 50%. THis gives us more than enough to lift everything that a clients wants from us.
    Here is on picture off dragon with some zeis hispeed lense, iris and focus control and Paralinx hd link.


    Now it is all about what you need and how safe you want to be when flying so much money.

    So I put my 2 cents on this post.
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