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Discussion in 'MōVI M10' started by Matthew Guthrie, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!
    I'm an M10 and FS7 owner and I've had a difficult time finding forum information from a community of people who are similar owner/operators. I'm looking for advice on these various trials, tribulations, and success related to this combination.

    What are your experiences using the FS7 with Movi in general? -- It seems the M15 works really well.
    Are you using counterweights?
    What kinds of lenses?
    Follow focus?
    I'm assuming a matte box is impossible?
    What mounting options have you used or engineered to get everything right where you need?
    What other support systems in combination with the rig? Steadicam? ReadyRig? Atlas?
    What monitor/recorders?
    How are you balancing the camera setups? What are key things to know?
    Have you modified anything on the Movi successfully? Pan tubes? Extension arms?
    What Tuning settings are you using? What are key things to know?
    Are you adjusting the back roll bar at all?

    (I've always been under the impression it should be all the way to the right)

    anything else in general.....

    It just seems like I've found a lot of people who have used this setup and been very satisfied. My experience, since I got the FS7 in March in use with my M10, has been equal parts eureka and gut-wrenching.

    I'm using the FS7 with the Metabones mark 4, Rokinon EF Cine DS lenses mostly, Red Rock Micro FF, Genesis Cheese Plate on top, and I'm using 6 counterweights from a glidecam, looped through a Gear Tie that's tied to 2 1/4 20 screws on the back of the plate. I secure it with little zip ties. I use the Odyssey7Q+ as well.

    I've been able to get it to work but it just doesn't feel right. There seem to be a lot of balancing issues in general I need to solve. It really feels like it's too much weight but it's still under 9 lbs so it should work.
    I fear I have more to learn on tuning and balancing and that with more advice I can get a more functional rig.
    It's so close to being just right.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback and any and all things related to using the Sony FS7 with Movi products in general.

    Matt Guthrie
    Subspace Pictures

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