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Discussion in 'ALTA 8' started by Andrew Pollock, Jan 30, 2017.

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    So I tried the new kinematic GPS mode was part of the latest firmware update.

    I have always found the GPS mode of the alta to be lacking when compared to how DJI flight controllers handle GPS. I do find the speed clamping a handy addition but generally i find the copter doesn't fly too smooth and has a tendency to rock forward an back. I was hoping the new Kinematic mode would solve this problem and to some degree it does.

    What i really like about the new mode is that the copter does fly more like height mode, you are able to accurate quickly without the copter rocking back and fourth and it is also able to stop faster in case of an emergency. When i first flew it with the mass set at 7 i found it very difficult to track a subject, there was far too much delay when giving an input and i kept overshooting, it was completely unusable. Dropping the mass down to 1 made it much more responsive.
    The biggest issue I'm having though is regardless of the mass allocation the fact that it feels as though the mode has a huge amount of expo built into it. The stick feels dead in the center and there is a very defined point when it accelerates more aggressively. It really makes some moves really difficult and if it were changed to have a more linear input feel like the other modes it would make a huge difference. If i fly a figure 8 in kinematic mode the copter moves around very aggressively and erratically when compared to manual or height mode

    Anyone else tried it, what are your thoughts?



    P.S. tried the orbit function, it works well.
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    Thank you for sharing. I have not had the time to go out yet to try my Alta 6 with the new modes (kinematic and orbit), but looking forward to it. Anyone else with more experience that already shared here?

    Is the kinematic mode smoother when it tries to compensate for GPS? Like in windy conditions or other challenges?

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