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    Full Time Drone Pilot/Integrator
    Annual Salary $70,000
    Standard Drone: FreeFly Alta with sensor payload

    SkySpecs is a venture-backed, commercial UAS startup company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. SkySpecs focuses on the development of UAS technologies, particularly custom software and hardware integration, that allow fully automated infrastructure inspections. SkySpecs is currently 100% focused on aerial inspections of wind turbine blades both in the United States and around the world.

    SkySpecs Video:

    SkySpecs is looking for an experienced UAS pilot with hands-on technical integration knowledge. You must be able to travel domestically, and potentially internationally, to primarily rural, remote areas to complete inspections as required by our customers. When back at the home office, you’ll be helping the hardware engineering team with technical prototyping specifications, integration, and flight testing system improvements.

    Your main responsibilities will include operating, maintaining, and field troubleshooting UAS platforms, managing the inspection data acquisition and analysis, and being the SkySpecs customer-facing representative during inspection deployments with our automated UAS platform at various locations. While our system is fully automated, the UAS pilot must be ready to take over in an emergency or other safety-critical situation per FAA regulations.

    Our ideal candidate:

    · 2+ years and 50+ hours of multi-rotor UAS piloting experience
    · Deep practical knowledge and hands-on experience with UAS operations, system integration and test, assembly / disassembly, telemetry radios, R/C transmitters, video downlinks, and field troubleshooting
    · FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification
    · Able to travel 60-80% of the time, up to 4 weeks on a single deployment
    · Knowledgeable with best practices in the safe handling, charging, discharging, and storage of large lithium polymer batteries (ideally, >200 watt-hours)
    · Professional, responsible, and innately safety-conscious
    Insanely motivated self-starter with a knack for solving problems under stress
    · Comfortable with an underdefined and constantly changing work environment

    Bonus points for:

    · Bachelor’s degree in unmanned aviation / systems, engineering, or a related field
    · Sport / Private / Commercial Pilot Certificate
    · Large multi-rotor drone piloting experience (>20 lbs)
    · Experience with international drone operations / regulations
    · Experience operating in remote, austere environments
    · Significant multi-rotor “hacker / maker / tinkerer” experience
    · Background in the wind energy industry
    · Amazing technical knowledge or familiarity with advanced drone technologies, including LiDAR, GNSS, IMU, microelectronics, embedded systems, multi-axis gimbals, imaging sensors, electromagnetic interference, and Linux-based OS

    Please submit a resumé and cover letter to

    SkySpecs - 116 N. 4th Ave #100, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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