Is there a MINIMUM weight for payload on M15?

Discussion in 'MōVI M15' started by Brad Seals, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Brad Seals

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    Dec 9, 2013
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    I've been having some issues using a 5d MK3 with 16-35mm lens on my M15. There is a very slight oscillation on the tilt axis during operation. This is not vibration. It appears to me like the motors are "working" too much. Is it possible the MK3 is too light for the M15?

    I checked the motors on the control app and all were between 0-3%.

    Pan Stiffness: 100
    Roll Stiffness: 45
    Tilt Stiffness: 20
    Auto Tune: 60

    Tilt Smooth: 45
    Window: 3

    Expert settings:
    Tilt Hold: 8
    Roll Hold: 8
    Pan Hold: 8

    Gyro Filter: 5
    Output Filter: 5

    It's not footseps - the movement does not correspond. Any feedback/help appreciated.
  2. Pete Maughan

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    Mar 1, 2014
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    Brad, try increasing the tilt hold to 30 and retune your stiffness.

    Also might be that your gyro and output filter setting are too high.

    Also might be that it's all too light for the m15 but worth trying the above!

  3. Mateusz Hajdziony

    Jul 10, 2013
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    From my experience with the M10, Movi works much better with payloads leaning to the heavy side. I am running a similar weight that you on the M10 and, although I'm using it mostly airborne, the results are not perfect. You should definitely try lowering your gyro and output filters to 4 or even 3, you'll then be able to go much higher with stiffness settings. Also the hold strength can help - I am using something around 20 and, even though Freefly says that the default 8 is good for most payloads, I am having slightly better results.

    The way I fine tune the gimbal is I power the camera and video Tx, Rx and monitor. I will give each axis a 'flick' and observe (via the video link) how fast the axis stabilizes and if there are any oscillations.

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