Is DJI Data telling me I have a problem?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Andy Post, May 17, 2015.

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    Hey Thrill seekers....
    After a very bad day of flying, I've decide to "Downgrade" from DJI A2 to Wookong. I never was able to get Data logging from the iOSD with the A2, which apparently is common, so am downgrading to get that feature back.

    While still on the bench, I powered up to verify that the log was giving me useful information, and saw two things that concern me.

    ON the first power on test, I heard all the motors jump in RPN for a split second. The data log confirmed that all 8 motors spiked +1,000RPM for a split second with no corresponding command from the throttle. (screen capture is attached) If they all twitch I'd probably be OK, but if only two of them did so....well I don't want to dig this thing out of the mud again.

    Should I be worried? If so, what do I look for as a cause?

    Second oddness
    It seems pretty common as well to see one or more of the motors vary in speed when I am giving commands only from the throttle. I would imagine that might be from me letting the stick go a little left or right and that it's trying to rotate a bit.

    Which if either of these things should be of concern?

    Share you thoughts...

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