Ironman Tarot Octo and Movi M10

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    Price $5,000

    Airframe: Tarot Ironman 1100 Octo
    Motors: Tiger U5
    ESC: Freefly 80amps
    Flight Controller: DJI A3
    Radio: Futaba T14SG
    HD downlink: Connex HD for UAV’s
    Gimbal: Mövi M10 with mimic
    Batteries: 6x Quadropower 10,000MHA6S

    I’ve been flying this setup for about 5 years now but it’s time to let her go unfortunately. She’s never had a crash and flies great. There also is a small assortment of batteries for the lights and HD downlink I will put in. Unfortunately this bird does not fold down so I will need to disassemble the arms from the center section but I will clearly mark them to make reassembly very easy. The photos show my modified vine star gimbal but I do have the landing gear and handlebar mövi.

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