Ignite Digi Landing Gear for DJI Ronin 2

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    $1,075 CAD, buyer pays actual shipping cost from Alberta with carrier of your choice. Value $1,345 excl. import taxes.

    Selling LIKE NEW (used once) Ronin 2 landing gear and Toad in the Hole to R2 adapter plate and including a Toad in the Hole receiver already attached. I'll also toss in the dorky yet effective silver carrying case.

    Three legs made with 20mm carbon fibre and protected with rubber feet. Includes three rubber feet installed and three spare.

    The Cross Bar Clamp, elbow joints and Rear Hub are CNC machined from high-grade aluminium billet. The anodized Rear Hub replaces the standard R2 roll motor cover for a rigid mounting point.

    Includes all the required socket head screws with spares!

    Designed, manufactured and assembled in Tasmania, Australia by Ignite Digi.

    YH_21-08-13_1391.jpg IMG_3558.jpg IMG_3555.jpg IMG_3556.jpg IMG_3557.jpg

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