If your Movi XL freaks on boot up

Discussion in 'MōVI XL' started by Ozkan Erden, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Our Movi XL failed on a production very badly. On the boot-up, the roll axis and tilt was freaking out; turning around their own axis. We tried the default settings, tried a different controller (Futaba), changed cables, updated to the beta firmware but it didn't help. This gimbal was working perfectly the previous day, and nothing has been touched.

    Today I tried resetting the settings through "MONITOR -TERMINAL - DEFAULT CONFIG and then REBOOT CONTROLLER" , and it was back again, started to work as it should. On the production day we had to move to the back-up gimbal but, we lost quite a time that day.

    So I think this shows that, gyros lost their calibration somehow and thus acting weird. Our small Movi's never had this kind of problem over 4 years.

    The Movi XL is more serious tool for bigger productions and this unpredictable failure was a nightmare and our reliability on Movi XL is shaken unfortunately.

    If you are a Movi XL owner, just note that resetting the settings thing. It might save the day.
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    I've worked with three different XL's as a tech, and every one of the them had a "freak out" moment where they suddenly tried to flip themselves over or tilted all the way around until they hit the matte box. This weekend, it happened twice with the XL we were using, and I had to grab the camera and flip it back over forcefully, and then it was happy. I think it was a signal coming from the Movi Controller though, in that case -- maybe the Kill switch got flipped from Remote to Majestic?

    I haven't seen the case where it wouldn't calm down, though, so thanks for the tip on restoring defaults and resetting controller.

    It's definitely scary when it happens with an XL, because it's a much stronger machine than the Movi Pro.
  3. gary greenberg

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    Feb 9, 2018
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    thanks for this info,,will be a life saver if it happens,, and i know what its like when this happens on set,, likely the worst feeling you can have..

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