**I will be posting a large quantity of equipment for sale soon!** Here's some of the items:

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    Jul 26, 2019
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    This equipment was purchased with the intent to use the equipment, but we decided on another platform shortly after.

    Some of the items for sale:

    (1) Brand-New Alta 8 FPV with hard-case and Futaba controller
    (3) Alta's that have less than 1 hour of flight time w/ FPV, hard-case and Futaba Controller

    (7) Tattu 16000 batteries w/ less than one hour of flight and proper storage.

    (8) FreeFly flight pack 16Ah batteries w/ less than one hour of flight time and proper storage

    Toad in the hole quick release

    (2) New-props in box

    Numerous monitors that are brand new

    (1) FlirDuo Pro
    And so much more. I'll be posting pics and a thorough listing soon.

    We are wiling to bundle this at a discount!
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    what other platform did u go with?

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