I don't know if I have an idea of improvememnt

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    The controller Its remote caontrol distance is very short
    I took apart the shall and looked at the inside structure
    The xbee chip model specifrcation is s1
    if I change it to s3 900m transmission,including receiving terminals,the distance will be much longer。
    if I succeed,it's just a hypothesis
    I have another hypothesis,I don't know which one is more feasidle。
    The xbee s1 interface is a RS232 standard interface
    if you can make a transfer module from amimon to SBUs,the signal can be accessed,though only 16
    channels can be completely mapped。
    so I want to know which is more feasidle from an official perspective。
    And then it's an extra topic。Will freefly take part in the exhibition of cine gear show at the end of this month in Losangeles?I was invited to visit by Chapman
    Freefly if so,can I book a set of movi pro in advance?

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