How to connect an Amazon Fire HD "8 latest gen - works!

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    Someone should do a "Tested Android Tablets" sticky....


    1 - Install support files to access Google Play and also run non-native apps:

    HOW TO Install the Google Play Store on Your Amazon Fire Tablet!

    HOW TO Install the Google Play Store on Your Amazon Fire Tablet!
    Amazon's line of Fire Tablets are great cheap options for watching Netflix or browsing the web, but if you want ...

    2 - Obviously, install Movi app from Google Play Store.

    3 - Connect to Movi from the Movi app itself - NOT via the Bluetooth menu, the way the old Freefly videos tell you to. The old Freefly videos are confusing - I suppose they refer to old firmware versions.

    With latest firmware/app, you need to press "Connect" ONLY within the Movi app, and not try to first use Bluetooth Settings menu of your device to establish a connection outside the Movi app. If you have tried to connect via Bluetooth or Wireless Settings (it will fail), you need to turn your tablet on and off, load the Movi App, and connect only from there from a freshly restarted tablet.

    TIP: In a downtown area like this one there will be 100s of nearby bluetooth devices to choose from. The one you want looks like FFS-[some letters and number here which vary per unit - probably about 5 of them].

    TIP2: You don't need to ever enter any password, and the app is giving you a full bluetooth connection, so you can then upgrade firmware etc..

    4 - Enjoy the wonders of Movi.

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