How Many MōVI Pro Batts?

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Joshua Coté, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Joshua Coté

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    Nov 3, 2016
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    So now that several of you guys have taken your MōVI Pros out on shoots, I was wondering how many batteries you find yourself needing for a day of shooting? If you're charging throughout the day, is 8 batts enough to keep things running without delay for 12 hours?

    Do different cameras/accessories seems to require faster battery swaps?
  2. Graham Futerfas

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    Good question. I have 12 batteries and 6 chargers. It's overkill if you can plug in all day, but if I had to go away from power for a while, it's nice.

    Different camera setups will use the batteries at different rates, obviously. For RED and Arri Mini, I'm drawing a lot of power because I'm powering camera through the Movi. For Canon and Sony, I'm using camera batteries and letting the Movi power the accessories, so the batteries last a bit longer. Also depends on if you're leaving the gimbal on for a long time, or shutting it down for periods of time.

    If I could plug the chargers into power all day, I'd say 8 batteries and 4 chargers would be comfortable.
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  3. Rob Ruscher

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    Nov 8, 2016
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    I did 6 with 3 chargers. I wanted to test the waters before over buying. I see myself ending up with 8 batteries and 4 chargers as I mostly shoot on the Alexa mini and Red
  4. SeBaStIaN BArrEtT

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    Oct 30, 2016
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    11 batts 3 chargers. . .
    +1 for over 10 if you shoot in field a lot or leave it powered on (i was practicing switching it between alta yesterday, took a few mins a powering down would be annoying)

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