How Does it Fly??

Discussion in 'ALTA X' started by Tom Comet, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Is there anyone out there who actually has one of these or has some experience flying one? I am painfully aware of the fact that they are not "publicly available" yet but there must be a few pre release units in operation? How does the ALTA X fly? How does it fly with a 35# payload? Any quirks?

    We are transitioning from our ALTA 8 workflow to the X and realize there will be a lot of changes due to the PX4 flight control stack. We have worked with PX4 on some of our other HL units so we don't anticipate a problem there.

    Just wondering if there are any other idiosyncracies we should know about. We are in the unfortunate situation where our AX will need to go to work in a very challenging environment almost immediately after delivery so, like a good little Boy Scout, I am trying to be as prepared as possible.

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