Hexacrafter X8, Avroto, Futaba, Connex, Gremsy, Tattu, Atomos, Aerialpixels, etc for sale

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    I've been in the process of trying to build a heavylift X8 to carry my DSLR, but in the end it's just too much machine for me and my abilities to be able to get and keep it flying. I have decided to go to the Inspire 2 instead and am selling this all off to do so. Breaks my heart. I realize the X8 itself doesn't really fit in here but I think there's a lot of overlap on the other accessories so I thought I'd post it up to the community.

    All prices are net to me via Paypal goods and services. Plus shipping at cost.

    1) Hexacrafter X8. This was purchased from SleepyC (Stephen Cinch) over on DroneVibes. He built these for a living and this was his personal machine. Full carbon fiber Hexacrafter HQ-850. It's a rock solid bird, with some videos of it flying in his reviews etc. What he has to say about it:

    Here is what it includes with approximate current new prices:

    Hexacrafter HQ-850 Frame = $950
    Large Electronic ISO plate = $175
    Landing Gear Strut/Tarot Gear = $235
    KBEP-SL - Frame Style Large Battery Mount (2) = $68
    Assembled 400 amp Bus Bar = $175
    Gimbal Iso system = $165
    LED assembles x(2) = $216
    Avroto 3520 400KV motor $131 EA. x(8) = $1048
    SimonK Spider 50amp ESC’s $51 ea x (8) = $408 (additional heat sinks installed with thermo-resin)
    NIP SimonK Spider 50amp ESC spares $51 ea x(2) = $102
    DJI A2 flight control - $539
    Zeal 15” x 5 Folding CF props (8) = $280
    Zeal 15" x 5 Folding CF props spares NIP (6) = $210
    Pro assembly (he charged around $1000 to build rigs for customers) - $1000

    Total cost if new: $5,571


    2) Gremsy H3 gimbal (ecofly) plus an additional battery. Mounted and tested, never flown. Was $1,145 new.


    3) Amimon Connex HD Wireless Video Link. Used, purchased with the Hexacrafter. Includes a black ABS antenna mount Stephen made. $1,599 when new.


    4) Futaba 14SG. As new, with R7008SB, box and all accessories. Was $549 new.


    5) Atomos Ninja Flame with power kit. New, tested only. Also comes with NIP matte screen protector. Currently on sale new from BH for $795.


    6) 3 pairs of Gens Ace Tattu Plus Intelligent 12,000 15C Lipos, like new, never flown. New $264 each, $1584 total.


    7) Amimon Connex Prosight. Like new, mounted but never flown. Currently $399 new. Also comes with Genesis Linear array antenna, which is $85 new. Also like new, never used.


    8) AerialPixels Add-on joystick for Futaba. As new, never used. Was $149 new, currently back ordered.


    9) RC Shutter cable for Canon cameras. As new, never used. Was $39 new.

    $20 with any other purchase

    I think that's about everything. This is EVERYTHING you'd need to fly a top of the line, professional grade rig. I spent literally months planning, researching, reading and piecing this together. Bottom line is I don't know enough to get it flying reliably and don't want to destroy it along with my camera gear...and don't have access to anyone to help me learn it in person. It's been sitting here for a couple of months now and is no closer to going upwards.

    If you'd like all of it, I'd do it for $7,000 ($1,140 off) and would include all the small extras I have running around. This is an EXCELLENT setup for a single operator.

    The only trade I'd be open to would be an Inspire 2, new or like new along with a few accessories for it including batteries, Cendence radio, 5.5" Crystal Sky, quad charger, 46mm Polar Pro filter set. Or the X7 and/or 16mm if you somehow have access to it already.

    I have plenty of online feedback I can point you to, I am a photographer and buy and sell regularly online. Can provide you with whatever you'd like to be comfortable with the purchase. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


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