Help with losing motor vibrations on atv and Movi Pro with black arm

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    Hi, finally getting around to doing testing with my Polaris ranger and Movi Pro.
    Using the Black arm, 7.5 single springs and testing with A7s2 with 16-35. Wire isolators #2 which may be a little light for this setup.

    My polaris ranger has a certain harmonic vibration at slows speeds that slightly vibrates the entire vehicle. When on throttle at times and backing off. A normal thing for them per polaris dealer. But trying to get eliminate from reaching camera has been tough. When parked I can see the entire movi camera cage moving.

    For steadicam we use 60 durameter neoprene between mounts and vehicle and works well for that. Not so well for Movi pro and black arm.

    Black arm seems to be dialed in well as I dont see many bumps in footage just vibrations that blur footage.

    Any and all help with mounts and movi settings would be appreciated.
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    Casually observing from the outside and not being too familiar with any of the products.. it would seem the black arm doenst really have a system for reducing certain higher frequencies. I would suggest the problem is that the vibration isolation springs (wire rope - at the head) have to be too tough as they need to carry the load of the camera/gimbal package. A 'perfect' steadicam system (with frictionless bearings and an infinitely subtel touch from the operatoe) can isolate vibrations at any frequency. Of course all real steadicams have friction in thier bearings and the operator touch is not infinitely small and are therefore not perfect.. but still orders of magnitude better than a set of wire rope springs. The operator touch is so much more subtle than a bunch of springs.

    Simply.. (on the black arm)
    Thin springs.. package flops about or the springs fully extend and become innefective
    Thick springs package is stable but receives vibrations

    You will not see much black arm footage that shows standing starts but mainly the vehicle moving at the sort of speeds where the engine is doing decent revs.

    You could try driving in a lower gear (higher revs) but that still wont sort a pull away from stationary. Also slipping the clutch, slow initial acceleration, and anything else that makes the vehicle smoother.
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