Hello first post - probably a silly problem.

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    I am sorry if this is a silly question.

    I have a freefly Movi Movi app, an iphone 8, Moment anamorphic lens in Ninja mode.

    I convert my video using desqueeze pro.

    Nice and simple BUT HELP:

    I recorded a 9 minute video (daughter horse riding).

    Desqueezed it to 1.33/1.

    Video is now 28 minutes long.

    I think that I am getting a video speed change after I use the trigger button to change the 'speed of response' window. Squeeze trigger and fast, medium,slow appears.

    Is this possible? Have I just misunderstood the trigger or am I pressing a different button and ending up with slomo?

    I wondered if it was a change of recording rate.

    Sorry if this is a silly quesiton, I am an ameteur and while i can fil in the Moment app whcih dequeezes the anamorphic lens as it records, I would like to use the Movi app functionailty - it's an excellent app.

    The Movi itself is excellent and finallyt my iphone videos look great - THANK YOU !

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    The trigger is controlling how fast the Movi responds to panning in Majestic Mode -- it does not alter the frame rate at which the video is being recorded

    On the off chance you might not have watched the tutorials for the Movi, they're here: https://gomovi.com/tutorials

    Hope this helps

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