Handwheels for sale! Klassen and Hurricane

Discussion in 'Sale / Trade' started by Dale McCready, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Hey Gimbal users,

    I have two sets of Handwheels I'm looking to sell (based in London). I've got my original, affordable Mk1 Hurricane Wheels that connect to the Gimbals via the Trainer Port on Futaba Radios. These are great and come all ready in a nice Pelican Case. 2 axes (pan and tilt). $1500 USD for these.

    Secondly I have a near new set of Walter Klassen brass handwheels for truly professional control of the Gimbal. This set is completely self contained and connects with it's own built in radio and SBUS receiver. Also comes complete in it's own Storm case. I've just used these on the latest job only, so looking at $3500 for them if you get in quick.

    Of note, I'm in Canada for the next month, so if you're US based it's a good time to buy them as I can ship directly from Canada in the next couple of weeks.

    Get in touch for more details!


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