Greetings from Sherman Oaks, California!

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    Dec 21, 2016
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    Chris here, from Sherman Oaks in the Los Angeles area, California!
    A long-time R/C builder and flyer, I received my private pilot's license back in 2001 and my FAA 107 sUAS RP license last November. I've been flying all kinds of drones from the little Hubsan X4 I started on, up to a Tarot 1038 flat 8, with Phantoms, Inspires etc in between.
    I recently picked up a Cinestar X8 conversion from a member here, my first heavy lifter, can't wait for it to arrive! It was actually built here in Cali, but then went over to Florida, and now is coming back home.
    What else? Hm. Long term photographer and film maker, Emmy nods for my Hollywood film editing day job, but my Doc said I had to get out from behind a desk and back into the field, hence the drone work - plus I have spent enough time sitting behind 35mm Arriflexes with my legs hanging out of JetStars back in the day not to need any encouragement to get back into this kind of lifestyle - although we don't actually quite leave the ground these days... :)
    Anyway, I'm still building and flying as much as I can, experimenting in a few different things but mainly enjoying myself following along with the big dogs as they work on their Alta and beyond rigs, and occasionally pitching in wherever I can.
    I'm working on an aerial reel right now, looking for the shots other people don't have yet (hard, I know), and have a partner who's a real estate agent, so I guess that's where we'll start. In the meantime I'm still editing for a few folk, sizzle reels, feature films and the like, to make the transition more affordable.
    So that's me, in a nutshell. I'd love to hear from like-minded folk!
    All the best and thanks for reading.

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