Graupner Receiver Error during flight

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    On my last flight of a full day of shooting I had a receiver error from my MZ24, then the engines abruptly powered down and then kicked back in, in time for me to get on the ground. I have attached the GPX file from that flight and also a short video of what went on, make sure to listen to the audio. I'm happy everything is in one piece and was able to land safely after abruptly losing about 20-30ft of altitude very quickly.

    I was not a large distance away from the Kopter and was in clear line of sight, just some trees and buildings in front of me.

    Any help taking a look at my file and video would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    Video -

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  2. Steve Maller

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    Whoa that was terrifying. :eek:
    It seems quite clear that your radio signal was lost momentarily, and the MK went into Failsafe.
    I suspect that your failsafe configuration is not properly set up.
    Control returned after a few seconds and Failsafe mode was cancelled.
    As to WHY it went into Failsafe, unfortunately that's going to be harder to ascertain unless you have logging enabled in your Graupner transmitter. It could have been some sort of interference, or you could have an intermittent connection somewhere. But I would not fly this rig again until you have determined what the cause was.
    Go through both your radio and the MK settings to make sure that your Failsafe is configured correctly. There are plenty of examples of how to do it although most people are using the mx20, not the MZ24. But I suspect it's similar. Unfortunately I no longer have either Graupner or MK gear so I can't help you.

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