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Discussion in 'ALTA X' started by JoshuaDunn, Dec 16, 2020.

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    Hi All, I have one of the early Alta X craft with standard GPS, I find that it is sometimes difficult to get a clean boot if parked near any source of metal, machines, bridges, structures, I often have to move it, reboot and fly back to the area I want to actually start working in.

    My question today is whether fitting the RTK module without neccasarily connecting it to the ground station with another FRX pro (we use one for Movi pro) would in fact improve the GPS lock over the standard tiny aerial.

    Has anyone else had issues with bad boots and inabilty to take off due to compass issues and metal objects

    All and any advice welcomed, Regards Josh
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    I am pretty sure fitting the rtk will fix your problem. from what i understand yes you can use the rtk gps without the ground station but it works 90% better with it.

    I dont have a alta x but i can tell you from flying on constructions fields over the last 10yrs near flying near big ass electric power towers, metallic and metal objects. NEVER trust your gps 100 percent. Sometimes i have the same problem with getting gps lock with the ALTA i just move it 2 meters reboot normally you can get enough to take off. Another trick if you flying somewhere remote and cant get gps signal is to fly it above the problem area hover it until you get your gps signal then come back and land. It should remember the gps lock and then your good to go for the rest of the day.

    I am not sure about the 100% about this but you can disable the internal compass. this also might help? I would send freefly a email to get better advice i am sharing my experiences.
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