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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tabb Firchau, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Gorka Rotaeche

    Dec 12, 2013
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    Have you seen Tabb here since the first post?
    This is how they take care of us.
  2. Adrien Oneiga

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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Hello Denise, I also sent a few emails regarding the upgrade paths with no response.
    I think some people won't be so bothered and can afford to be compassionate and "take it for the team" as in, your team, but it's also not so well-mannered that you would not honor people on an individual case by case manner. Meaning, if those of us who would spend the time and energy to present a case, clearly could use some compassion on Freefly's behalf, for the mistakes that were made. It would be as simple as forfeiting just a portion of your massive profits to present us with some better options, like quite a few people are mentioning.

    I mean seriously, what is the mark up vs. material costs for carbon fiber tubes in the full cage kit? and what if now that the m10-m15 early adopter "deal" has been around for a year, we could just cut those price down to help those who haven't been able to afford this yet?

    According to Tabb, "experts" have been hired to reduce prices across the supply chain, so that would be a great time to pass this on to those who are still obviously landlocked in this issue.

    It doesn't mean you'll end up giving this to every early adopter, but it would reflect more accurately the sentiments Tabb attempted to live up to. Like i said, some people have and will just let it go because they can afford to, others are less financially flexible. I'm grateful for the things that i've been able to accomplish with my m10, but i also still feel conflicted on a daily basis when it comes to supporting a company who's values and truths i question. but it's hardly worth trying to sell off my gimbal after the price slashes.

    My hopes still that there will be some action behind those words.
  3. Hi Adrien...Thank you for your response. We definitely still appreciate the impact that the changes we made last year had on our customers. We have since assisted those that we could. There unfortunately was not a way to assist everyone and the impact varied as well. I understand your frustration but at this time there is nothing additional we can do regarding last year's price change.

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