GCU 12v D-Tap port power issues?

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    I had some problems on set yesterday powering my Cinegears Ghosteye Wireless transmitter, powered via the GCU 12v D-Tap port. Power was intermittent. I fixed this by plugging directly into the D-Tap port on my Red Scarlet W. Then another issue arose, my RT Motion 3.1 follow focus motor stopped working and heated up to a point where it was unsafe to touch. The RT Motion Latitude MDR was plugged into the 12v AUX D-Tap port on the Movi Sled area. Im wondering if there are power spike issues with the Movi pro? My RT Motion follow focus motor is burned up now and have to ship back to them for service. Overall not a great first week with the Movi Pro.
  2. Zach,

    **You may need to verify the power requirements of the third-party devices in your possession, to verify if they match/meet the power output of the MoVI Pro. Contact the manufacturer directly, to verify those power specifications. **

    **Please be aware that the MoVI has fixed power output specification like many pieces of production gear do, and other companies that manufacture devices that have various power requirements, hence there being a chance that the device you are plugging into the MoVI Pro, requires more power than what the MoVI Pro can provide. This is not the fault of the MoVI Pro, nor the fault of the third party device/accessory, just simply the fact that those two products were designed with different power requirements, by two different companies. **

    **Here are the Voltage/amperage specs for the MoVI Pro**

    > Camera D-Tap Port

    • 12-14V Adjustable, 6A Max Current

    > Spine D-Tap (GCU housing in between the two COM ports)

    • 12V, 1A

    > Tilt D-Tap

    • 12V, 2A

    > Tilt USB

    • 5V, 1A
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