Galaxy S9+ users, I need help please...

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by Blayd, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Mar 23, 2019
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    So, I've been playing with the MCR for awhile now.
    I had issues with the pan weight. I just cant seem to get this orientation correct, AND, it shows in the camera view when recording, while using the anamorphic lens or the wide angle. UNLESS I slide the camera so far to the left, its about to pop out of the squeeze clamps.
    I just gave up on using the pan weight for now, but would REALLY like a better tutorial on how to set this correctly. I dont want to destroy this $300 accessory.
    Yes, I watched the posted video on setting up the weights, but the part about the pan weight is a joke.
    And, most vids are using the iPhone.
    I realize most of these devices are designed for iPhones, and "can" work with other devices.. but not really designed for these.
    I use the Anamorphic lens the most, and almost always use filters as well. Is this set up just not compatible with this MCR?
    Thanks for any help.....

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