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Discussion in 'Radian' started by Mike Peters, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Apr 4, 2013
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    I'm starting to play with gain settings but I'll confess, I'm still confused on where to start and what to watch for. The manual says to start with a "low" gain setting, but what is low?

    When I have my CS8 suspended by two booms (using string so it is not rigid) and I have the pan gain set anywhere above about 15% the gimbal and CS8 twist in opposite directions like a washing machine. If I fly at 100% I don't see any swaying horizontally.

    Flying with the tilt gain set at 100% the video looks like the CS8/gimbal is "porpoising" up and down. Would setting the gain lower fix this?

    The roll is set to 100% and seems fine.

    I'm flying with a very light camera (1lb) so I would expect to be able to lower the gain settings. Is this a true assumption?

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