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    1) Freefly’s IG account was deleted. Maybe a hacker, but no official email response to this?

    UPDATE: Tabb has posted to the FB Freefly MōVI Users page (https://bit.ly/2UUISi3) stating "The Instagram thing has nothing to do with Wave, Instagram froze our account for some reason and we don't know why."

    2) The first batch of wave cameras were set to ship yesterday and nobody is talking about it (at least that I can find). No official email from Freefly about where they are on this front?

    UPDATE: Tabb has also talked about this in the same post saying, "Hey guys all is good. We are building the first batch and will be shipping shortly. I will get an email out asap to all people who ordered."

    3) Why isn’t there a section on the forum dedicated to the new camera yet? I’ve seen Steven McGee has had a beta model that he has been testing and there are others out there too. We need a section dedicated to talking about this.

    UPDATE: As of today (11/23/20) there is now a section dedicated to the Wave camera on the forum!!
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    Hello, good afternoon, well, I have been reading on twitter that you have a problem with Instagram but they did not comment on any of that, I have also read that they are preparing the first batch to be sent these days, I have bought a unit and I am one of the first batch but I don't have much information, I have written many times by email but the information they give me is little, I understand that they will be working very hard to move the project forward, Steven McGee has a beta, I have not spoken much with him but I follow him on networks social networks and is testing the camera with very interesting shots, I am the first to want to have information but I think they have to be working very hard so that all of us are happy with the wave;)

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