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    Hey Everyone,
    I wanted to quickly make a post about Tabb and the whole FreeFly Team.

    A little background of where this story started... We booked a job shooting for Fiji Airways to shoot a new safety video. The client wanted to fly a proprietary 360* camera system as well as an Alexa Mini with CookeS4 Primes. Our current gear list wasn't going to be good enough to fly these setups safely. We decided to build a new heavy-lift X8 rig since I didn't think the ALTA 6 we had would safely fly this setup.

    We went with the DJI A3Pro and 95Amp ESCs from KDE. Long story short, I spent the last 4 days building the drone and then 2 days ago the production company moved the shoot up on me by a day. Last night (Tuesday) was the first time I had a chance to fly the X8 with a payload and it flew HORRIBLY! I started trying to tune it to get it to fly better when we got hit with a rain-storm which cut my testing short. I wasn't feeling confident at all at this point so I contacted Tabb and we started chatting about trying to find an ALTA 8 in LA that I could pickup on my way to Fiji (had a 6 hour layover in LA). I woke up early this morning and did some more tuning with the X8 to see if I could get it to fly better. Eventually it was flying okay but then I realized that my flighttimes were really really short. I was carrying a stripped down epic on the MoVI Pro with 32,000mAh of batteries onboard and got 7 minutes of flightime. After landing the motors were almost to hot to touch (and it was only 55*F outside). I was not confident at all.

    I contacted Tabb again and we ended up putting a plan together. I purchased the Alta 8 online from their store in Seattle. While I did this Tabb started asking people from his team to see who would be willing to jump on a flight from Seattle to LA and meet me here to deliver the A8 to me. Within 20 minutes I had Azure's (from FreeFly) contact information and I booked her a ticket. About 5 minutes after that Megan called me to confirm all of the items with the order and said it would be heading out the door in a few minutes with Azure to the airport.

    When I landed in LA I ran down to baggage claim and Azure was standing there waiting for me with my brand new ALTA8.

    I absolutely can't thank Tabb, Azure, and the entire FreeFly Team for helping me out of this tight spot. I fully trust the ALTA to perform in the way it's supposed to and am 100% confident in it working when we arrive in Fiji. Luckily I do have a test day built into the schedule so I can get it tuned.

    Thank you again and I can't wait to fly!

    P.S. This is a sign that I need to stop trying to save a few $$ here and there and just spend the money on the gear that just works like it's supposed to.I don't think I will ever build a custom rig again.

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    Hey Josh: Nice to hear your story has a happy ending. But also nice to hear the BTS story.
    Yeah, when you really need kit to fly, I prefer to fly an ALTA. For run-and-gun, yeah, other copters from other vendors certainly can fill that gap, but it's the fourth law of thermodynamics that seems to apply most frequently, "you gets what you pays for." :rolleyes:

    For me, customer support/service matters more in the long run than the initial sales price -- it's the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that seems to be the most important -- and the TCO includes the opportunity cost of not being able to shoot a particular gig because of equipment failure, plus my time futzing with the kit to get it to straighten up and fly right (or left).


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    Yes, the ALTA flies really nice!

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