FOR SALE! **Sachtler Video 30 II Tripod** w/ Fluid Head, Case, Extra Plates

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    For sale is our Sachtler Video 30 II tripod with lots of extras! Capture everything from traditional lock-off shots to butter smooth pans & tilts with this professional grade device. This tripod has been in our service for a long time, and as such has some wear on it from the years of love it got on set, but if you are looking to pick up a reliable, professional quality fluid-head tripod, look no further!

    PROS: Lightweight design, rugged build, high level of versatility, lots of extra add on equipment included, case included, ready for mounting of cameras or control devices, ready for gimbal mounting, extra plates.

    CONS: Mild cosmetic wear and tear, one of three latches that locks the orientation of the wheels has a broken lever but still functions.


    1 x Sachtler Video 30 II Tripod 150mm
    1 x 150mm Fluid Head Attachment
    1 x 150mm Half Ball Adapter
    2 x Handlebars
    3 x Tripod Plate
    1 x Tripod Spreader
    1 x Tripod Studio Wheels
    3 x Tripod Outdoor Feet
    1 x TuffPak Rolling / padded tripod case

    PRICE IS $3,000 USD or best offer!! This is PRICED TO SELL!!!!

    CONTACT JAKE at for inquiries!!!!!

    IMG_7768.jpg IMG_7772.jpg IMG_7775.jpg IMG_7771.jpg IMG_7782.jpg IMG_7780.jpg IMG_7781.jpg IMG_7776.jpg IMG_7770.jpg
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