[FOR SALE] Freefly Wedge & Redrock Micro microRemote Kit

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    I have a new Wedge and my used microRemote kit up for sale! The Wedge was a backup unit and since these are well made, I've never had to use it! I have two motors with the kit (one older generation and one newer generation). The newer gen motor is also essentially brand new.

    Included with are the following items:

    1x microRemote (hand controller)
    1x Torque Motor (older generation)
    1x Torque Motor (new generation)
    1x Freefly Wedge
    1x Freefly Wedge mounting plate
    1x microRemote Basestation
    1x Thumbwheel controller

    1x Lanc cable (6-pin Lemo to 2.5mm Lanc)
    2x Motor cables
    1x Freefly Lightweight Lanc cable
    1x Freefly RED Epic / Scarlet Start / Stop Cable
    1x Redrock Run / Stop Cable for Canon DSLR
    2x Redrock D-Tap to 2 pin Lemo power cables
    1x Redrock Fingerwheel control cable

    Looking to sell this as a bundle, but also open to separating out parts of the kit. Please feel free to make any offers! The total replacement cost of everything when purchased new was approximately $7000.

    Photo of the Wedge is attached. Happy to send photos of everything else as well!

    Offers can be emailed to alex.surgent@gmail.com

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