FOR SALE!! FreeFly Systems TERO RC Dolly + Extras - $3,000

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    Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 5.23.50 PM.jpg For sale is our beloved Freefly Systems TERO RC motorized dolly system. The TERO allows users to mount a movi and camera atop the car and achieve high or low speed motorized dolly shots while moving a gimbal to eliminate bounce in the camera image. TERO can drive up to 35 MPH with a payload, and has carried our Arri Alexa Mini and Movi Pro in the past. We have upgraded several aspects of our TERO to improve its performance on set - Firstly a new Futaba T4PX transmitter was added to increase control range and allow for more detailed adjustments to the car’s handling and performance. Then, to aid this system, we installed a Spektrum front motor servo that drives the direction change in the front wheels. Other than that, the TERO is stock as it would come straight from FreeFly. The combination of these systems gives the TERO precision handling when carrying a camera package. We are only selling this package as we no longer have a need for it in our fleet, and it will see much more use serving someone else as well as it has served us.

    Below is a list of items included in this bundle:
    • 1x Freefly Systems TERO RC Dolly Unit
    • 1x Futaba T4PX TX & RX installed on Car
    • 4x Standard wheels / tires
    • 4x Dolly Track Wheels
    • 1x Spektrum front steering servo
    • 1x Freefly Systems 4S Lipo Battery 14.8V with EC5 Connector (little pack)
    • 3x Quadrocopter 4S Lipo Battery 14.8V with EC5 Connector (big pack)
    • 1x Freefly Systems Toad mount for Movi
    • 1x Pelican 1730 Hard Case (no foam)
    • 2x bottles of shock fluid


    - 1x Progressive RC 4010Duo Charger with case - $175
    - 1x Spektrum TF-45 TX & Reciever (original for this car, makes for a great backup) - $25

    • Enhanced transmitter range
    • Enhanced steering input and customization
    • Ability to use on ground or dolly track
    • Movi-Ready
    • Batteries included
    • Maintenance parts included
    • Case included
    • Pelican case does not have foam inserts
    • Limited signs of previous love and use

    ***TOTAL PRICE: $3,000 FIRM***

    (Retail Price: $4,500 from B&H - our TERO is discounted 33%)

    CONTACT: - or call (866) 856-8465

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