FOR SALE: FREEFLY FRX PRO 1:1 Tx & Rx for Alta X / MP / MXL / MC

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    For sale is the 1:1 FRX unit that we removed from our Alta X. This system is being sold as-is and does not include all the cables that come in the standard kit from Freefly. It is in excellent condition and ready to work on your Alta X / Movi Pro / XL / Carbon!

    From Freefly:

    • 1500m+ (5000+ft) range**
    • Single press binding
    • Pop-n-Lock mountable
    • Configurable power settings
    • UART, CAN, and USB C connections
    * Not compatible with first-generation M-Series Mōvi (M5/M10/M15)


    - 1x Freefly FRX Tx Module w/ 90 Degree Short Antenna
    - 1x Freefly FRX Rx Module w/ 90 Degree Long Antenna
    - 1x Freefly SMA Adapter for FRX for use with Alta X Airframe

    **ASKING $600**


    Email Jake at
    DM me here

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