For SALE complete ALTA and Gimbal package

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    I purchased a complete package: ALTA, Gimbal, Controls, monitors, batteries, etc. about 14 months ago with the intension to do aerial photography. Went for training in California. Never ended using it at all since I realized the trouble of traveling with all that equipment overseas ( I am an amateur photographer). I flew the Alta for practice just a couple of times and never had any problems and it is still like new in its box. I would like to sell it as the entire package. I have a lot of extra accessories I bought (extra carbon fiber blades, cables, etc.). I also bought a Canon 5D MK3, which could be included if interested.
    You could call or email me only if interested and prize can be discussed.
    Photographs as per request and will be glad to include trial period with return option if not satisfied.
    Email: - email me and I would send phone number if interested.
    Cesar Fernandez

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