Flying from a boat

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    Hi guys,

    I will add my two cents. I have a ton of experience flying off of boats, both with R/C helicopters, from the old days of aerial video and with drones. I do not like using GPS hold for take off and landing. Actually I have never tried it as it doesn't make since to me to use it. If the boat is drifting with the current and or the wind is blowing as soon as the machine takes off it is going to try to come to an immediate halt of all horizontal motion which could have it easily slide into something. The same goes for landing in windy conditions or strong currents. If you let off the cyclic stick the least little bit the machine tries to come to a complete stop. I find it much easier to regulate things and stay in sink with the boat in attitude mode. Once you land in GPS mode and before the motors stop I would be afraid of the machine rolling over if you let go of the cyclic correction that you were holding to counter the movement of the boat as it is still trying to stop the sideways movement.

    Wayne Mann

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