Firmly lock pan axis in Airborne mode for takeoff

Discussion in 'MōVI M5' started by Sergi Medina, Jun 12, 2018.

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    I sent this question to the Freefly guys three days ago, and they still haven't replied yet (they usually don't take more than a couple of days).

    Since it's a relatively important issue and I can see there are many other users on the forums that seem to have the same problem, I'm bringing up here the issue, and also offering my contribution to “help” Freefly fix the issue at the same time.

    When I use my M5 with a drone and it is on the ground, resting on the landing gear, I put the Mode switch to that we should use to takeoff (not Kill, not the one we fly with, where the pan then really spins like crazy on the ground). I then notice a problem: it keeps changing the position by itself, so the drone moves. When I try to put the drone in the correct position for a safe and convenient takeoff, the M5 pushes it back to some other, random position. I just want the M5 to hold the position I'm telling it to stay!! Also, when starting up the motors, the drone tends to rotate since the M5 isn't holding it hardly enough, or if it's windy or something like that...

    The situation: M5 attached to a drone via Toad in the Hole and standing on the floor with the Aero Landing Gear.

    The problem: the pan axis doesn't stay where it's put by hand, and it's not stiff enough to avoid drone movements by wind, inertia or anything else before taking off.

    Summing up: what I'm saying is the pan axis should be firmly locked when in Airborne > “Takeoff” mode (not the flying one), not so loose and drifting as it is now!

    My suggestion: when in the floor, the pan should behave something like when one sets the angle of the pitch with just the hand in Majestic mode. The pan motor should make the drone unmovable until it is flying.

    This very basic and important thing I could do it, configuring it myself, with an old SimpleBGC (AlexMos) controller...

    I don't want to think that this basic feature will never be added since the Movis have some years now, but I think Freefly should really consider it. This is a matter of safety more than it's also of convenience. I just can't believe it hasn't been implemented yet...

    Comments and advice are welcome.


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