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    Hey Guys,

    There is something strange going on with my Movi Pro when it is in DUAL OP mode.

    It seems to sit fine and operate correctly for about 20mins, but then when I go to pan the unit, it rolls. Even sometimes when I go to pan the Movi, it will Roll and tilt at the same time. Then when I go to roll the unit, it pans. It's like it's confused about which stick has been allocated to each axis. The mapping has been allocated and all channels work fine for about 10-20mins, sometimes less.. However in Majestic mode, it's rock solid.

    This happens on both my Spektrum DX8 and my Movi Controller.

    Running Latest firmware on MOVI and MOVI CONTROLLER.

    No sure if I am missing a step along the way, or if there is something wrong internally.

    Last thing I want to have to do is send it back to the States from Australia if I can help it...

    Has anyone experienced this before?


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