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Discussion in 'Cinestar 8' started by Dan Walker, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    I have read many times on this forum that a crash could have been avoided if the pre-flight checklist had not been rushed and/or skipped. So I'm curious, would you all mind sharing your pre-flight checklists? Do you all have post-flight checklists? How about flight logs - what do you record?

    Mine is somewhat basic and goes like this:
    1) make sure all the boom clamp bolts are tight
    2) make sure the camera is well secured to the gimbal
    3) check the battery voltage (done before every flight)
    4) check gimbal battery voltage
    5) check copter/gimbal Tx battery levels
    6) make sure copter FC (MK-flt-ctl) is level
    7) connect gimbal and copter battery connectors
    8) orient tail boom towards where I will be standing
    9) set timer (I use 10min for 10,000mAh, and 14min for 16,000mAh)
    9) start up motors and listen for anything "off"
    10) rev motors a little and check for auditory distortions

    1) check battery voltage and record remaining voltage and flight time.
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    Dec 24, 2012
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    For me I have a Pre-job checklist before I got out and then a pre flight check before each take off. Here's my list before each job. If I don't fly for longer than a week the list is a little more detailed.

    Pre-job checklist
    1. Make sure all bullet connectors to each BL are secure and tight.
    2. Check the tightness for the boom clamps
    3. Check the condition of the props
    4. Check external compass to make sure its pointing exactly straight and that its secure.
    5. Check condition of EC5 power connectors.
    6. When charging batteries make sure each pair has charged the same amount of energy into the battery. If not this is a sign that one battery is starting to drop in performance.

    Pre-flight checklist
    1. Check servo display menu on MX20 to make sure channels 1 through 4 are zero'd out.
    2. Make sure Ms Graupner is working.
  3. Gary McCready

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    Oct 26, 2012
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    Dave: good call> "1 through 4 are zero'd out". I now do this too. I've leaned against the little trim buttons more than once and couldn't figure out why I couldn't arm or was flying crooked.
  4. Ryan McMaster

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    Build preventive
    Bullet connecters get a TINY drop of solder. I have to pull them apart with a pair of pliers. Removes a point of failure from the build and one less thing you need to check. A good friend has recommended the Castle Creations bullets as the best and they work best with this system
    Hot glue Molex, SPI and 10pin cables, also use a bit of high temp glue on the capacitors.
    Metalic tape on the SPI molex and 10pin that run near the BL ctrl. Prevents EMI
    Loctite/threadlocker on bolts into Motor mounts
    File down all sharp corners that wires run by, another suggestion by a friend, to prevent slow vibrational cutting
    All motor wires get shrunk and braided
    Clean PCB's before maiden

    Check every boom for damage to the boom, UV coating and ends.
    Check all bolts/nuts/pressnuts etc.
    clean PCB's with fine brush/loupe to make sure there are no foregin materials on them
    Check each prop with loupe for damage (only my xoar BW's)
    inspect and measure each battery to check for swelling and damage
    balance all batteries (I run nothing but pairs, ever had a cell drop mid flight? its terrible)
    Inspect all wires in the build

    Check for firmware updates
    Make sure all my settings in MK tool are the same as prior week
    Make sure all my controls on MC32 match up to both rigs I run (firmware can change this on occasion)
    check ALL my Molex connections hot glue
    Check ALl my spi/10pin connections hot glue
    inspect all my solder joints with a loupe
    inspect all the wires that are visible
    inspect all my batteries for damage (this applies to camera too)
    test all my downlinks (clip with MIMO antenna, Bolt 2000, bolt pro and 5.8 iftrons)
    test my gimbal and controller for gimbal
    MC32 test

    Set a flight plan, sometimes I pre-fly stuff with a DJI phantom or my Coax MK hex. Allows me to know where the hazards are that I can't see from the ground.
    Hand check each prop 2x.
    check each boom to ensure it is tight
    check battery tray, electronics etc to ensure they are snug (saw a MK hex FC get loose)
    Ensure my electronics are covered if flying in a dusty environment
    Check solar activity that AM
    Check weather that AM
    Let cast and crew know the dangers
    Prep a fire extinguisher (chemical I think its Class D)
    ensure downlinks are working.
    1000m range test on pilot and gimbal radios
    Make sure all the switches are out, sticks are zeroed and sticks are in good condition
    Clear a 20x20 area (If possible, sometimes its 10x10) with cones and have our ground crew on intercept duty
    Call the local ATC tower (only if withing 5 miles of a tower) and let them know what we are up to (never had a problem, Reno tower loves us as does South Lake Tahoe)
    make sure we have a CLEAN place to take off from. You don't want dirt and debris in your motors. Try to avoid hand launches but sometimes it just does not happen and that is the only way up.
    Remove cell phones etc from the flight area.
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  6. Ryan McMaster

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    I think I still have Adam's list in the pelicans. We built an app for our checklist that auto reminds me based off Google Calendar for the weekly/monthly. It also does all our production checklists (what gear we need, make sure talent is around all that jazz) because I can't tell you how many times I have forgot the lights.
  7. Dan Walker

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    Thanks for all the great replies!

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