Crash video: X8 with KDE 4014 into the water!

Discussion in 'Cinestar 8' started by Bryan Harvey, Jun 21, 2014.

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    These copters falling out of the sky aren't having any wires or connectors become so hot they unsolder themselves though...I also have no doubt in Bryan or Josh's soldering capability. I think the one guy who had his motor shaft snap mid-flight was a motor issue or KDE manufacturing default. Bryan's could have been the same thing but I somewhat think his snapped that shaft when it hit the water and that the shaft had a weak spot as is so it was probably just a matter of time. It was probably an A2 issue that caused it to yaw out of control because losing one motor it should have been able to keep the copter operating fine. Josh definitely had an A2 issue that caused his to fall out of the sky, maybe a bug in the firmware, who knows but he had many test flights prior and in hotter temps. He also wasn't flying the copter hard when it failed, at least not from what i can see in the video. It really sucks DJI seems to be trying to cover up Josh's data and not take responsibility for a probable issue with the flight controller. I guess we will know if they roll out a new firmware for the A2 in the next couple days.
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    I checked everything after the crash. All solder points were still solid. There wasn't anything that had come loose. My crash was def. not due to a solder issue.

    Also I know my copter can fly on 7 motors because I tested it on 7 motors. It flew ok, but not great but it wasn't spinning like mine was when the crash occured.


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