Correct WavePlayer Settings for Grading Flow

Discussion in 'Wave Camera' started by Shepard Siegel, Sep 9, 2021.

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    Aug 15, 2021
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    Just got our hands on a Wave and set of SLR Magic MicroPrimes. Gorgeous 420 FPS results right out of the box. Terrific. I understand how WavePlayer's task is to go from Shane's clever wavelet format to something more common; HEVC10, ProRes422, etc. Also fine. What I do not understand, is what are the correct WavePlayer settings to get an output that doesn't have the presumed LUT's applied by the WavePlayer settings? Ideally as many bits as practical over the full dmin/dmax range; so as to be best-suited for grading in DaVinci. While the WavePlayer defaults yield surprisingly good results - the knobs in WavePlayer are not what we want to turn. We desire something as close to the sensor-raw levels as practical for a more-common grading flow.

    HEVC10 and ProRes422 are fine formats, we just don't want the LUT mapping we think WavePlayer is applying to be applied.

    In case it matters we have camera FW 1.3.0 and WavePlayer 1.3.4

    Thanks in advance! -Shep
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    It would be great if someone from Freefly got in touch with someone from Resolve. Phantom CINE files are supported in DaVinci...

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