Connex Interfering with M5

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Andy Post, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Hey Thrill Seekers,
    Just upgraded to the Connex and love the solid link...sort of. Our 2nd time out we had two issues show up.

    1) We'd have brief moments of video freezing up. The image on the screen would just freeze then pixilate, then reassemble and move on.

    2) the M5 would also from time to time just move on it's own. Several times it would tilt down, then down again. Once it panned left and sort of wobbled to a stop.

    Showed the Video to FreeFly who suggested that something was interfering with the signal and that the gimbal was defaulting to Majestic mode momentarily, and that's what was causing the gimbal glitches. They said some people were actually using extension cables to reposition the M5's receiver antenna.

    Not wanting to poke at that I repositioned the two Connex Antenna to be further from the receiver and tested today. It was worse than ever. Worse than the cheepo video downlink I'd replaced.

    So I abandoned the field and with my tail tucked I did a simple test in front of my shop on the ground. I could only get about 1/2 block away before the video started to pixilate. With the Movi turned off it was twice as far.

    If anyone is just absolutely in love with this system, would you please share antenna placement thoughts and/or photos?

    Thanks a zillion.

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