Cinestar 8 HL + Cinestar 360 gimbal w/ Radians

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    I just want it gone. Its cost me way too much already.

    CS8 HL with MK electronics (kit by Quadrocopter; assembled by me)
    2x Pelican cases
    4x batteries (haven't flown in a year, batts may or may not work any more)

    CS 360 gimbal with Radian stabilizers

    Graupner MC-32 transmitter w/ Rx on copter
    Spektrum DX8 transmitter w/ Rx on gimbal

    Video downlink with 2x 7" monitors (1x video Rx)

    Graupner dual port battery charger
    1200 watt power supply

    Video goggles

    A ton of other misc supplies and cables.

    ** The copter has been flown maybe 10 times. Never crashed.

    Make me an offer.
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