Cinestar 8 for sale, crazy good deal with extras...need to sell ASAP!

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    Cinestar 8 for sale...need to get ride of ASAP

    We are selling a new Cinestar 8 from Quadrocopter just recently build and tuned in. The copter is equipped with a HoverFly Pro flight controller + GPS, (& spare DJI Wookong M and spare MK Flight Controller 2.1 + Distro Board + i2C converter), FreeFly Motor Control Set, 8 QC-3328 Motors and 8 APC Slofly 14x5.5 props. The boom are 450mm. It also comes with the Quadrocopter 360 Gimbal with 3 radian gyros to stabilize the camera inflight. The gimbal has the longer tubes to fit larger cams like the FS100. The video down-link is a 500w 5.8 GHz Iftron Mondo Stinger Video transmitter and Iftron Passport Receiver. The copter comes with 4 Quadro Power 8000 mAh 4s batteries, 3 Quadro Power 1200 mAh 3s batteries, and 1 Quadro Power 6000 mAh 5s battery. This also includes the Racers Edge 400w Dual Charger with power supply. This copter is capable of carrying cameras like the Canon 60D, 7D, 5D Mk3, and FS100 but can be easy upgraded to carry larger cameras like the FS700, C300, and Red Epic with proper parts.

    The Wookong M is extremely stable inflight with GPS and works amazingly in altitude hold. The HoverFly Pro + GPS is in perfect condition and has about 35 flights on it.

    We are getting ride of it because I have been to busy with DP work and its just sitting around collecting dust. Just not part of our business model anymore.

    For any questions please contact me, I would be happy to answer them.

    We are asking $2,300 OBO for starting price for the entire package ready to be flown, with all batteries, tools, parts, controllers...etc.


    Cinestar 8 Frame (450mm Booms)
    8 QC-3328 Motors
    8 APC Slofly 14x5.5 props
    Freefly Motor Control Set
    8 extra Turnigy Plush 40a ESC's (flashed)
    HoverFly Pro + GPS Black Board
    DJI Wookong M (needs new GPS)
    MK Flight Controller 2.1 + Distro Board + i2C converter
    4 Quadro Power 8000 mAh 4s batteries
    3 Quadro Power 1200 mAh 3s batteries
    1 Quadro Power 6000 mAh 5s battery
    1 Racers Edge Battery Charger (400w dual charger, with power supply)
    Quadrocopter 360 Gimbal
    3 Radian Gyros
    1 Iftron 500w 5.8 GHz Mondo Sting Video Transmitter
    1 Iftron Passport Receiver
    2 RC controllers - DX8 and DXi6

    Extra parts, tools, tools box, basically everything to maintain it as well

    Here is some sample footage of the copter in use:

    View attachment 7815 View attachment 7816 View attachment 7817 View attachment 7818 View attachment 7819 View attachment 7820 View attachment 7821 View attachment 7822

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