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Discussion in 'Batteries & Power' started by hugo burns, Jul 14, 2015.

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    I had looked at this thread a while back, trying to come up with a convenient charging solution. Thought I'd share what I ended up building, and it saves us a lot of time setting up our battery charging station on set.

    I didn't want to start chopping up a Pelican case because they're kind of pricey, and I tend to keep changing my mind about how I do things. After thinking on it a while, I took one of the milk crates we use on grip trucks and started building a charging station. The milk crate is cheap, durable, has lots of great mounting points, and I can change the design around without cutting any holes. There's also lots of ventilation.

    I put a thin wood base on the bottom of the milk crate, and used Coroplast plastic (found in the 'yard sign' department of the hardware store) as dividers. Zip-Ties hold everything in place, along with some Bongo ties that allow the power strips to be folded in or pulled out when we put it into a van.

    The batteries I need to keep on charge all day on a Movi shoot:
    7x Freefly Lipo's (4s) -- Tenergy TB6-B charger
    4x 9V Batteries (for Bartech focus hand unit)
    3x Sena SPH-10 Bluetooth communication headsets
    5x Sony\Swit L-Series batteries
    5x Panasonic CGA\Swit Batteries
    1x Nexus 7" Tablet
    7x Globalmedia Pro V-Mount batteries
    3x USB batteries for the Mimic

    It's not super-pretty, but it started out as a test with stuff I had lying around, and has been pretty successful. If I get around to it, I may re-do it a little neater. The Tenergy Charger is bongo-tied to the side wall, to make a little more room on that side, but I admit it's a little tricky to see the display when you're starting a battery on charge.

    IMG_3634.jpg IMG_3635.jpg
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    Love it, Graham -- and it's fully ventilated for cooling -- as well as being stackable! :)
    Joking apart....nice solution and far better looking than some of my prototypes (which typically look like they've been dropped from about four meters AGL and just "arrived.")


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