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  1. Morgan Friedland

    Aug 24, 2012
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    We have a 5 year old Sprinter Van that serves as our mobile platform. The house batteries are 4 6 Volt Lifeline Sealed AGM batteries wired in Series/ Parallel. Each Battery contains 220Amp/hr at 6volts so the total capacity is 440Amp/hr at 12v. We pull AC from them with a Outback Power 2000w pure sine inverter charger. We charge at night from shore power and while running the engine via isolator that connects to the alternator. The batteries were super expensive when I bought them 5 years but they have been ROCK SOLID. No gassing, leaked, sulfating etc. I can't remember why I chose the 6V but the salesman at Fisheries Supply said something about them being able to run down lower. I have never run the bank below 12.2 and usually not below 12.4ish. It has been six long years of running these things down all day and charging up all night and they are starting to show there age and it is time to replace them.

    My question is this. Is it better to run the Hyperion 720i Duos chargers at 24 Volt rather than 12v? I remember reading somewhere on this forum a recommendation to get 24volt batteries is you are charging LiPos. switching to 24volt would be pain in the arse as I would need to step it down to 12 volt to run the furnace, fans, lights, etc.

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    Running the charger at 24 v input will reduce the overall amperage pulled from the battery source. Depending on what voltage lipo you run, the charger has to take the input voltage and increase it to higher then the pack voltage in order to charge it. For a 12 volt source charging a 4 s lipo at say 5 amps, it would need to pull closer to 10 amps or more to accomplish that.

    Bottom line is you would be able to charge more efficiently with a 24 volt setup than the 12 volt, and your charger wouldn't be working as hard.

    If you stay with the same as your current setup, you already know what you capabilities are. If they work for you, the added hassle of converting the rest of your needs would point to staying with 12v.
  3. Doug Bennett

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    May 26, 2013
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    would you mind posting pics of the setup? I'd love to see this rig!

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