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Discussion in 'Radian' started by Jim Swanson, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Howard Dapp

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    Aug 18, 2012
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    Having an option to use or not use angle limits is good. There's probably a 50/50 split between folks who would or would not use it:) This might sound crazy but if I had a choice between ramping and tilt angle limit, I'd go with angle limit.:eek:
  2. Matt C

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    I seem to have just 30 degrees of tilt above and below a centre point, so that's 60 degrees total travel.

    I wish to be able to shoot both horizontally and strait down but I am unable to achieve the 90 degrees strait down without first having to tilt the radian backwards 30 degrees so the full 90 degrees becomes achievable.

    Tilting it back means that the highest the camera can now point is now 30 degrees down.

    How do I get the full 90 degrees or more for my tilt range?

    EDIT: FIXED. Somehow the tilt radian had inherited the roll settings and had a roll angle limit of 30° each way, thus the tilt limit became the same.
  3. Andy Johnson-Laird

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    Jul 31, 2012
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    Glad you got it fixed, Matt.
    One thing you can do is remove the drive belt and position the Radian tilt sensor so that the front of the sensor is about 10 degrees above horizontal -- that's as far as it will allow the tilt up -- and then move the camera to the maximum tilt up you want it to have, and put the drive belt back on.

    Hope that helps.

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