Cablecam with Kenyon KS-4 Gyros (Europe/Germany)

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    Hello we are selling our Cablecam, bought in 2013.

    1x Cablecam (max. payload approx.10-15kg)
    2x Kenyon KS-4 gyros
    1x Pelicase 1720
    1x HKM ZW 1.0 Hanging scale (Nominal load range 1.000kg)
    1x ropes (up to 200m)
    div accessories (cable tensioner, tensioning belt, ...)
    Lipos on request

    Asking price 2.900€ (net) - with Kenyon gyros
    Asking price 1.900€ (net) - without Kenyon gyros

    The Cablecam is located in Germany. Shipping worldwide at buyers expense

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