Bought an M10 off eBay and can't get it to work

Discussion in 'MōVI M10' started by Joseph Richardson, Apr 17, 2020.

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    Apr 17, 2020
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    Hi. So I found a great deal on eBay for a Movi M10. I've never used one before and have been watching tutorials on balancing and setup.

    I'm able to balance the M10, but as soon as I turn it on it freaks out as if the bottom cross bar and camera were upside down and it's try to correct itself. After this spasm, it turns itself off and I'm not able to connect via bluetooth or wifi. Any ideas on what the issue is?

    The logo and serial number are printed on the bottom of the lower crossbar (the serial number faces towards the ground). Should the logo and serial number be facing upwards?

    Update: Upon closer inspection, I noticed all the logos were upside down on that lower bar, so i took it off and flipped it. It doesn't freak out as bad when I turn it on, but it does still seize up. Here's a video of what happens when I turn it on:
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    looks like you need to play with tuning settings. make sure it can swing 360 degrees. try auto tune with about 70% then fine tune it. Every camera and lens has its sweet spot once you find it make sure you save it
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    The tuning gains are too high and are causing that oscillation, Joseph -- you tune the M10 by gradually increasing the gains until you can just feel the vibration [EDIT] and then back off until the vibrations stop in all positions of the Movi -- be sure to tune it holding it the way you're going to use it -- the tuning process needs to feel the the resonant frequencies as they'll be in use and your hands will dampen things differently that how you appear to have it mounted.

    Also, those handles look like someone's removed the grips.
    Check out the video here and you'll see what I mean.

    EDIT: These other videos might be helpful too.


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