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    I recently picked up a Digital Juice Spyder Pod Mount and a Ninja Star adapter plate for my Movi M5. Today I attached it all to the hood of my car and drove off with a buddy who was the remote operator. Our hopes were high as he steered the Movi using a Spektrum DX7S and a Paralinx feed to a SmallHD monitor. Technology is very impressive these days.

    When I got home and looked at the footage I was disappointed to see that 90 percent of it was unusable. There was way too much shake and it seemed as if the stabilization couldn't overcome any bumps, (I live in Boston so there are many).

    I've also ran the rig hanging off the side of the car on the Digital Juice car mount. In this configuration the footage was awesome. So my theories are as follows.

    • Because the car mount was secured in the center of the hood, the hood was flexing as we drove causing more vibration than the Movi could overcome?
    • I must adjust settings in inverted mode?
    Anyone trying to do anything similar? Am I just expecting too much in terms of the Movi being able to absorb potholes and T tracks? I haven't messed around too much with configuring the Movi so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Alex,
    One thing to keep in mind, whether you are using the MoVI handheld or having it mounted on a car, boat, etc., is that the MōVI can obviously keep the camera tilt, roll and yaw controlled, but it cannot remove vertical motion (or similar motion). When you use the MoVI handheld, since your entire body is basically the main point of contact to the MoVI, you will have to learn how to control the movements of your arms, legs, etc. This is not a fault of the MoVI, it's basic physics and human body movement that needs to be factored in when using a MoVI, or any device similar to the MoVI. You need to practice your 'Glide Walk'.

    Quote from the Freefly forums... "Learn to walk/run carrying a cup full to the brim with water, hot coffee, gin, good red wine...whatever pains you the most to spill -- and that will teach you the glide walk."
    With that being said, the same principle should be used when mounting it on a vehicle, because those bumps you mentioned, would cause the MoVI to be exposed to a type of vertical movement.

    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Chris Harrison
    Freefly/MoVI Technical Support

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