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Discussion in 'ALTA 8' started by Neil Willis, Sep 24, 2018.

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    I'm looking to use X4 Lipo batteries (5200mah each giving 20400mah in total). My plan was to use a Y harness to connect 2 batteries and then another Y for the other two which would then connect to the EC5 connectors on the Alta.

    Can anyone see any issues doing it this way?

    My Lipos are rated 60c and are used by the 3D help guys so have more then enough power. Its just using 4 packs with a Y lead than i'm wondering about. (
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    The issue with using batteries in parallel is to ensure that they go through life as a matched set -- so always use the same pair or quad of batteries together. The goal is to ensure that they are all at the same voltage because otherwise, when you first connect them up together, if there's one with a lower voltage then those with a higher voltage will dump a lot of current across the Y-harness to try and charge it -- and unfortunately, if there is a big voltage mismatch Bad Things can happen...

    But, if they're all within 0.1v of each other, as we say in the software biz, "it should work." YMMV.


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