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    Last week I bought a Movi M15, through one of your distributers in Spain (, and I was shooting yesterday in one project (second day using the Movi) until one of the batteries and the charger set on fire (you can find attached some photos of how is now all this stuff). When they started to burn the battery was plugged into the charger, but the charger was off the mains. I got really shocked because it began suddenly and the fire almost catch my fingers. I don’t understand why this happened, but I understand that is a manufacturing defect, because it is not normal that a new product reacts like this.

    Now I am really in trouble because I have a long and important shooting during the next week and I don’t know what to do. Because I have just one battery (the other one is now ashes) and I don’t have any charger to use it. Could you first of all give me a reasonable answer of what does this happen, and after that, what I have to do to receive another new battery and charger from you? I am really in a hurry now, so please, give me an answer as soon as you can.

    Thank you.

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    David very hard to determine. Possibilities could be battery defect, battery discharged below 20% capacity, hooked up to the charger incorrectly (Red and Black wires reversed) and the list would go on. You can find a charger at any reasonable hobby shop that sells RC model airplanes and cars. The battery would need to come from the distributor. You might also find a similar size 4S LiPo battery at the same hobby shop and be able to temporarily strap it to the MoVI.

    Please send a support request to and also notify

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